About EF Future Health

What We Do

EF FUTURE HEALTH  is offering the next step in advanced, premium health management – the innovative implementation of autologous regenerative cell therapy (M-Cell Therapy).

This ground-breaking medical procedure, via the M-Cell Therapy, will be exclusively available at EF MEDISPA KENSINGTON (CQC Registered)   the only U.K. clinic offering this protocol. Once limited to the worlds’ most elite sportsmen and celebrities, M-Cell Therapy is now available for all those seeking the immense benefits for their health and age management.

Who We Are

Esther Fieldgrass

EF MEDISPA founder, Esther Fieldgrass, launches EF FUTURE HEALTH. 

15 years ago Esther Fieldgrass had a vision to provide aesthetic treatments to her discerning clientele in comfortable convenient clinical surroundings. 

EF MEDISPA, the first medical spa in the UK to offer a “one stop shop” for a whole range of aesthetic and medical treatments was an instant success because it tapped into the demand for effective results-driven treatments and excellent client service.

A decade and a half later, Esther has once again identified a pioneering service for clients by launching EF FUTURE HEALTH, a brand that offers the next step in advanced premium health management through the innovative use of autologous regenerative cell therapy, exclusively available at EF MEDISPA’s CQC registered Kensington Clinic. 


This advanced medical procedure can be highly beneficial to anyone regardless of their medical condition or age,” explains Esther Fieldgrass: “It may be used to naturally regenerate the individual’s cells or act as a deep anti-ageing treatment.”

The wider therapeutic use of autologous regenerative cells, until now limited to world-class sportsmen and celebrities, is now available, through EF FUTURE HEALTH’s M-Cell Therapy, to treat a whole range of conditions ranging from skin rejuvenation, wound healing, scar reduction and hair loss or simply for those seeking the immense benefits for their own health and age management. 

Our Highly Qualified Medical Team

Kristin Heider Persson

Treatment Coordinator



Dr Klaus Bruecker

Clinical Lead

Dr Ivona Igerc

Aesthetic Medicine Specialist

GDC AAFE MI4A SIME, Official Trainer and Developer for Bioscience

Regenerative Medicine & Stem-Cells

Dr Aikaterini Charakida

       Dermatologic Surgeon



*Although M-Cell Therapy is used for medical purposes EF FUTURE HEALTH makes no medical claims in connection with the M-Cell therapy. EF FUTURE HEALTH promotes the treatment for the purpose of general wellbeing.

EF FUTURE HEALTH is the novel Regenerative Medicine Division of EF MEDISPA.

EF Future Health is offering the next step in advanced, premium health management – the innovative implementation of autologous regenerative cell therapy.



29 Kensington Church St, 


London W8 4LL