All you need to know about Stem Cells

Before you start on your exciting journey with EF FUTURE HEALTH, here are some answers to the most  frequent questions:

What is Regenerative Medicine?

The repair, replacement and regeneration of cells by enhancing the body’s own self-healing capacities and ability to naturally boost the immune system by using stem cells.

What are Stem Cells?

Essentially they are very important cells – they are the building blocks of all other cells.

All specialised cells, (blood cells, brain cells, liver cells etc) are generated from stem cells. Therefore, stem cells can be used to generate healthy cells and replace diseased cells.

They are essentially ‘copy cats’ and will be drawn to areas of the body where cells need repairing or replacing. They have strong anti-inflammatory properties and help rejuvenate the immune system.

Where do Stem Cells come from?

Bone marrow, fat tissue or the umbilical cord. EF FUTURE HEALTH is concentrating on using stem cells from the umbilical cord as they are reputed to be the richest and most valuable source of stem cells.

What is the difference between Autologous and Allogeneic cells?

Autologous: Auto means self. Autolougous stem cells come from the same person who is going to receive them – liposuction is used to harvest stem cells and then they are increased in culture over 10 days.

Allogeneic: Allo means other. Allogeneic stem cells come from a person other than the patient who is going to receive them – harvested from umbilical cord and cultured in HTA approved laboratory and then MHRA approved. harvested from the donor’s umbilical cord and cultured in an HTA approved laboratory. The final product is then MHRA (Medicines and Heathcare Products Regulatory Agency) approved.



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