What Conditions Can M-Cell Therapy Alleviate?

The wider therapeutic use of stem cells, until now limited to world-class sportsmen and celebrities, is now available, through EF FUTURE HEALTH’s M-Cell Therapy, to treat a whole range of conditions ranging from arthritis and inflammatory issues, cartilage repair in sports injuries, wound healing, scar reduction, collagen renewal and skin rejuvenation or simply for those seeking the immense benefits for their own health and age management. 

Sports Injuries

There are many case studies proving the positive effects of Mesenchymal Stem Cell therapy on alleviating spots injuries with athletes such as Cristiano Ronaldo and Rafael Nadal being major advocates. Read More

Stem Cells have the ability to alleviate sports injuries as it boosts your bodies natural healing process for issues such as damaged tissue, soothe inflamed areas, enhance wound healing, enhance cartilage repair and bone formation.

Chronic Pain Associated with Injury

M-Cell is a seamless treatment for alleviating chronic pain as it enhances your bodies natural regenerative process, thus healing areas of concern. 

In clinical trials, M-Cell has been proven to promote tissue repair, help damaged tissues, soothe inflamed areas, enhance cartilage repair and bone formation. It achieves this by giving new life to “dying” cells which allows your bodies cells to naturally heal themselves.


Arthritis is a very common condition, is not a single disease; it is a generic term referring to joint pain or joint disease.

There are more than 100 types of arthritis and related conditions. The most common forms of Arthritis cause pain and inflammation in a joint. In the UK, more than 10 million people have some form of arthritis, ranging from mild to severe and debilitating.

Surgery may be needed in more severe cases. Before considering surgery it is advisable to look into non-surgical treatments, those seeking alternatives to surgery may choose M-Cell Therapy.

Skin & Tissue Repair

M-Cell Therapy naturally regenerates your cells which will instinctively gravitate to areas where there is damaged tissue or inflamed skin. 

Age Management

MSC therapy has a vastly positive outcome in remedying the signs of ageing as it regenerates ageing cells – making it a therapeutic treatment for new collagen renewal and skin revitalisation. 

M-Cell Therapy naturally generates the growth factors which deplete with age. This improves the elasticity of the skin ensuring you’re left with more youthful skin. 

On top of the aesthetic factors, many patients leave their treatment feeling refreshed and full of energy. 


Whether you are looking for more information or you want to book as soon as possible, our treatment coordinators can:

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                     *Although M-Cell Therapy is used for medical purposes EF FUTURE HEALTH makes no medical claims in connection with the M-Cell therapy.                                              EF FUTURE HEALTH promotes the treatment for the purpose of general wellbeing.

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