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The new Gold Standard

Autologous (from yourself) Regenerative Therapy, is the latest and possibly biggest breakthrough in aesthetic medicine in recent years. EF Future Health has teamed up with one of the UK’s world-leading research labs to offer you access to the future.

Unlike anything else Futureproof You revolutionises the approach to aesthetic treatments by using your own adipose (fat) tissue to achieve incredible, lasting results. Fat has become the epicentre of Regenerative Medicine being readily available, extremely rich in stem cells and easy and safe to access.

Carefully harvested, purified, filtered and treated – using cutting-edge technology developed and tested to the meet the highest medical standards – your FY expert at EF Future Health can offer you an aesthetic treatment unlike any other. FY is not an artificial, factory- made chemical compounded filler but your own anti-aging elixir customised and optimised for the procedure and result you want. It doesn’t just volumise, smooth lines, support hair growth and perfect appearances it also brings healing and true rejuvenation by containing stem cells and natural regenerative factors.


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Close-up of biological cells

Each product used in your treatment will be customised (varying thickness and viscosity from macro-fat to ultra-pure nano-fat or stem cell elixir) and processed by expert technicians – world leaders in fat and adipose tissue – to concentrate your own stem-cells and other naturally produced regenerative and healing factors from your own body. What could be a more natural and better choice for your own face and body? And what could be better than using your own fat, harvested by your clinician in a quick liposuction and then carefully stored for as long as you like until you need it. 

One procedure or more. It’s up to You!


Futureproof You addresses previous issues with autologous fat grafting

Fat, or adipose tissue, has long been known to have the highest concentration of adult stem-cells, up to 1000 times higher than in bone marrow or cord blood, and while fat transplants have been around since the late 90’s, and more recently have become more readily available from some high end doctors using automated filtering machinery, little care has been taken to ensure the vital fat cells remain healthy and viable through their processes. We need to ensure that what the doctor reinjects is as healthy, viable and pure, as when it was extracted. There is also no way to routinely measure the sample for health and viability of the cells. Their aim has been to provide a useable sample on the same day, within the same procedure. Some potential for improvements in quality had to be set aside to achieve this. The biggest drawbacks with current fat graft filtering and processing procedures and equipment remain the lack of standardisation and unknown quality of the ‘purified’ cell sample. 

This leads to variable results and much of the reinjected fat can be simply reabsorbed. In addition, none of the currently available processes allow for sample, or excess sample, to be stored without losing its potency or effecting the viability of the cells.

EF Future Health has teamed up with one of the UK’s leading laboratories to address these deficiencies head on. Our approach is to harness the full benefits of processing samples in a lab with skilled technicians, meaning that we can take extreme care in processing the fat, providing a customised approach to each sample to ensure the result is the highest quality fat, optimised for the intended procedure.

How it works

The first point of contact is your EF Future Health Treatment Coordinator, who can tell you everything you need to know about Futureproof You and how it will work for you.

When you decide to make FY your future treatment of choice you are invited to discuss your bespoke FY treatment plan with your expert. We will make sure to determine required characteristics and viscosities of your product to satisfy your individual needs. The tissue can be stored long-term so you have the freedom to take time and plan a course of rejuvenating or aesthetic procedures, or defer procedures for months or even years. Your tissue, packed with cells from a younger you, will be waiting for you. If the sample is larger, the excess that is not immediately used can be stored for years without any harmful effect or reduction in the cells’ health or viability. Larger samples make it possible for you and your doctor to discuss and agree a complete, targeted course of rejuvenative and aesthetic procedures over several years, customised just for you. The sample can be further processed to meet your requirements at each stage: need a super-concentrated stem-cell rich treatment – done! Need a more volumising treatment – done! All your choice. All under your control.

Schedule an appointment with your specialist to have a liposuction, a larger one if you separately desire lipo-sculpting, or a very small fat harvest if you only want it for Futureproof You.

The extracted fat is then safely stored and protected for its trip to our partner laboratory. Every sample is logged and lab-tested on arrival for purity, and then carefully processed and filtered. The high-purity adipose sample is then stored in a state of the art cryogenic storage facility, all fully approved and regulated. Your personal Future Health FY Gold membership card is send to you so that you can log in at any time and see what your sample is doing and where it is stored. It is, after all, your tissue and we want to reassure you that it is being handled with the utmost care.

Before your first FY treatment we will notify our laboratory to retrieve the required amount of tissue from the cryogenic storage. The rest of the sample remains in store. The technicians then carefully thaw it ensuring maximum cell viability is retained. The sample is then further processed, in accordance with your and your specialist ’s requirements. Each sample returned has been carefully handled and is of the highest quality, customised and optimised for your needs.

On the day of your appointment your FY specialist reinjects your very own super charged anti-aging product. The whole reinjection procedure might only take 30 minutes. There is very little down-time and you are back to your day to day life in no time.


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Futerproof You - Gold Membership

Because every FY procedure requires a liposuction tissue extraction, and each processed and stored sample can provide tissue for many aesthetic and regenerative procedures over a prolonged period, often over years, Future Health has created an exclusive new membership arrangement called, Futureproof You Gold. When you and your specialist decide to use Futureproof You, EF Future Health will create your own personalised account and send you your own membership card. The details on the card are unique to you and, as an exclusive member, allows you a personalised log-in to the Gold membership area where you can see all the details of you stored tissue sample, including amounts, dates, test results, orders, scheduling, new samples deposited in separate liposuction harvests, etc. Your membership means you are always in control and that you are the only person who can approve the use of your tissue. Your tissue – your choice!

Storage allows staged procedures over years

The biggest advantage of EF Future Health’s Futureproof You system is the ability to store unused fat samples for future use. One liposuction procedure, undertaken perhaps as a part of a body-sculpting procedure, can usually produce enough fat sample for at least several rejuvenating procedures, often many more. You might start off with FY as an aesthetic treatment, but may then have a regenerative procedure. Lips, tear troughs, cheeks, skin, jawline, decolletage, hair – all can be done separately over a year or more, keeping your appearance just as you want it to be, all natural and 100% you. Best of all, the regenerative benefits of your tissue don’t disappear after days or weeks, but have a lasting and rejuvenating effect well into the future.

EF FUTURE HEALTH is the novel Regenerative Medicine Division of EF MEDISPA.

EF Future Health is offering the next step in advanced, premium health management – the innovative implementation of autologous regenerative cell therapy.



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