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Super PRP +
Rejuvenating Microneedling

The procedure combines a bespoke needling sequence using your own blood plasma, drawn on the day of the procedure. The skin is infiltrated by very small needles to create thousands of little wounds to which the body responds with a regenerative process. Super PRP rejuvenating needling punctures the skin at a rate of 7,000 RMP per minutes increasing the collagen production by an impressive 400% after just three treatments. The skin produces Collagen and Elastin as well as increases Hyaluronic acid, thus renewing and regenerating itself. By infusing Super PRP into the skin we are adding Growth Factors to the mix taking the treatment intensity to a new level. Post needling the remaining blood plasma will be spun into a bespoke Plasma Power Serum.  

Plasma Power Serum

is a first of a kind skincare solution which uses your very own Blood Plasma cleverly combined with Peptides and a special patented Multivitamin complex creating a unique, custom made cream in complete synergy with your skin’s needs. This special Serum promotes cell renewal, provides the skin with nutrients, moisturizes, prevents skin ageing and fights inflammation. By applying it post treatment the serum accelerates healing processes in the skin, promotes microcirculation and skin respiration.

Frequently asked questions

Futurology therapy comes with an impressive safety protocol.

Most products used for your bespoke treatment are derived from your own blood, eliminating the risk of allergy or other side effects associated with other forms of alternatives therapies.

Best results are achieved with a course of 3 Futurology sessions, one every 4 weeks.

Preparation is minimal. On the day of the treatment a  vile of blood will be taken to create your bespoke Plasma Power Serum as well as being used during treatment. We encourage you to follow a healthy diet and lifestyle 2 weeks prior to your treatment. 

If you are taking blood thinning or regular anti-inflammatory medication please let your practitioner know.

A little downtime is to be expected. The skin will be rather red for up to 72hours.

As small needles are involved there is always the potential risk of pin point bruising and a bit of swelling. Whilst progressing through the healing phases your skin might flake a little. All together 3-7 days of downtime depending on the individual – every body heals differently.

Initial results can be seen fairly soon but this is mostly swelling, making the skin look quite nice and plump. The real results will take weeks and months to show as it takes time for your body to truly regenerate. Rejuvenation will carry on for up 1 year after each treatment, meaning your body will produce up to  400% more Collagen after just three treatments.



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