Erectile dysfunction is a very common concern and affects nearly half of men between the ages of 40 and 70 to some degree. There are several possible causes, including surgery (e.g. prostate surgery), high blood pressure, diabetes, cardiovascular disease and psychological problems. Current remedies include medications such as PDE5 inhibitors like Viagra and Cialis, injections, or penile implants. All have some disadvantages leading scientists to search for a way to restore sexual function naturally.

Regenerative Medicine offers a revolutionary treatment approach for Erectile Dysfunction by addressing the root cause rather than temporarily treating the symptom.

FY ReJOICE is a new, pioneering treatment plan that can help you regain your sexual function and pleasure. We help your body heal, repair blood vessels and tissue, allowing for more blood flow and better erectile performance.


  • No side effects associated with commonly used medications
  • Promote accelerated self-healing for your body
  • Improve quality of life, as well as self-confidence and personal relationships
  • Spontaneity in intimacy


Your personalized therapy program to target your individual concerns may include the highest quality IV infusions, shockwave therapy and/or localised injections.
How many treatments are needed depends on the severity of the presented condition as well as on the individual’s body response.

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Frequently asked questions

Futureproof You comes with an impressive safety protocol.

All products used for your bespoke treatment are derived from your own fat tissue and/or blood, eliminating the risk of allergy or other side effects associated with other forms of alternatives therapies.

The amount of treatments depend very much on your concern as well as the treatment plan discussed with your practitioner.

Best long term results are achieved with our Gold membership packages, as you will have your tissue in storage to benefit from for various procedures in years to come without the need for further lipo aspiration.

Preparation is minimal. We encourage you to follow a healthy diet and lifestyle 2 weeks prior to your treatment. If you are taking blood thinning or regular anti-inflammatory medication please let your practitioner know.

All cells needed to rejuvenate your skin, stimulate hair growth or heal scars are extracted from you own fat tissue. Once extracted, cleaned and purified they decrease inflammation, add volume and kick start the desired regenerative process. The fat can be taken from your abdomen or thighs by a mini liposuction or as part of a larger lipo sculpting procedure.

Infusing your own fat derived purified serum containing an abundance of Growth Factors and stem cells will supply your skin and underlying tissue with an incredible boost to rejuvenate itself.

With all regenerative treatments we need to allow your body time to process the treatment and reap it’s benefits. The most amazing thing about Futureproof You is that the results get better and better over the next weeks and months.


Whether you are looking for more information or you want to book as soon as possible, our treatment coordinators can:

  • Discuss your concerns
  • Give advice about different therapy options
  • Have a bespoke programme designed for you


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