Signal Cell Therapy

A cutting-edge rejuvenation treatment brought to you by EF Future Health.

Signal Cell Therapy (SCT)

Just imagine telling your old, malfunctioning cells in your body to behave like young, healthy and vibrant ones… This is now possible with Signal Cell Therapy. Research has given us valuable insight into the practical functionality of Signalling Factors used in Signal Cell Therapy. We can infuse your skin/scalp with up to 10 billion Signalling Factors, Growth Factors, Peptides and nutrients, giving your cells the information they need to regenerate and rejuvenate. Signal Cell Therapy leads to the ultimate goal – turning back the clock.

The SCT Skin Rejuvenator

The SCT Skin Rejuvenator is a transformative 90-minute treatment that combines advanced needling with dynamic penning to infuse Signalling Factors. These powerful Signalling Factors will re-educate your skin to function better, allowing it to behave like young, vibrant skin. It triggers an impressive surge of collagen and elastin, improving overall skin quality and behaviour. This revolutionary, high-tech treatment can increase elastin by up to 300% and Collagen by up to 600%! The impressive increase in collagen and elastin will result in skin appearing brighter, smoother with any scarring being minimised.

We leave your skin no choice but to anti-age!

We recommend a minimum of 3 treatments, one every two weeks.

The SCT Scalp Rejuvenator

For those looking to improve the quality of their scalp and hair, the SCT Scalp Restorer ticks all the boxes. This 90 Minute treatment involves high tech scalp needling combined with Electroporation to push the Signalling Factors deep into the scalp area. This works to repair and supercharge the scalp, which results in thicker, fuller, glossier hair over a sustained period of time.

The market is flooded with various treatments for scalp rejuvenation, but experts agree that hardly any of them are as exciting and promising as Signal Cell Therapy.

We recommend a minimum of 5 treatments, one every two weeks.

The SCT Intimate Space Rejuvenator

Recent studies show the importance of sexual wellness for our overall quality of life. The SCT Intimate Space Rejuvenator is a state-of-the-art treatment, introducing restoring Signalling Factors to both men and women’s private space. Signalling Factors are known to help grow new blood vessels more efficiently than stem cells. – one of the main reasons for erectile dysfunction. For women, a combination of laser therapy and direct internal application of the Signalling Factors works to bring back the elasticity and lubricating ability of the vaginal area, making it perfect for peri and menopausal women. Signalling Cell Therapy offers an alternative to the conventional medicinal approach without associated risks and side effects. Treatment plans vary depending on concern and individual therapy response.


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