Stress Response Facial

The inside out facial – pulling out stress to supercharge skin’s radiance levels

Skincare pioneers EF Future Health have created a stand-out treatment which address stress levels and cortisol to improve the quality of the skin. 

This unique 90-minute treatment seamlessly marries a holistic hands-on approach with technology working to decompress and pull stress from the body using advanced layering of state-of-the-art skincare alongside cutting edge health technologies.

Expect a combining sequence using Cold laser LLLT, Dynamic Penning and Signal Cell Therapy to produce exceptional and sustainable results. Skin concerns reach deeper than skin level, meaning that factors like stress hugely influence the health and look of our skin. EF Future Health has recognised this need for a multilayer approach to tackle skin concerns more effectively

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This intelligent multi-purpose therapy works to relax, restore and detox the body and skin, smart-aging us on a cellular level by addressing our cortisol and stress levels as well as working topically. 

The revolutionary treatment begins by passing a cold laser over your skin and body in the areas where stress is held. (One of them being the adrenal glands). The LLLT laser imparts light photons to the cells in your body which activate the production of energy and help to normalize our adrenalin and cortisol levels. This laser gently and effectively supports us to unwind tension in the body and clears cellular memory to support healing. How? By producing waves that work at frequencies that encourage the body to relax triggering our cells to expand and come back into balance. By leading our bodies to come back to ‘neutral’ our systems are more able to repair and regenerate. 

Smarter Aging

Once we are in our ‘neutral’ state (our healthiest state) a thorough cleansing removes pollution and make-up, prepping the skin for the pure Enzyme Exfoliation mask which removes dull surface cells and any pore clogging and complexion dulling impurities. Where needed skilled extractions will take place followed by an expert EF Future Health Lifting Lymphatic Drainage Face and neck massage.

This allows lymphatic fluid to be drained through the lymph nodes and prompts the removal of toxins from facial tissues, resulting in a lifted more sculpted appearance. 

Next comes the exclusive Signal Cell Therapy which is a form of dynamic penning passed over your skin and neck, infusing Signalling Factors deep into the skin. This powerful method works to re-educate our skin to function better, allowing it to behave like young vibrant skin by triggering an impressive surge of collagen and elastin, improving overall skin quality. A smart aging sheet mask is applied to the skin to deeply hydrate and provides anti-inflammatory benefits.

Finally the LLLT laser is used yet again, this time focusing on delivering all its energy to your facial skin. This results driven treatment has you leaving the clinic holding less stress in your body, and with supercharged, dewy skin.

The future of facials has arrived, acknowledging and addressing the powerful connection of the stressful times we live in and our skin health. 


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