The Rapunzel Method

MONPURE LONDON x EF Future health creates – The Rapunzel Method exclusive to EF Future Health

Thicker hair delivered achieved with Cosmeceutical grade Scalp Care supercharged with intelligent AQ growth factors 

Lifestyle choices, follicle shrinkage which can be triggered during menopause, hormonal fluctuations and genetics can all cause our crowning glory to look a little lack-lustre. 

Enter the ‘The Rapunzel Method’ which literally breathes life into lacklustre locks allowing them to go back to their full glory. Expect to experience stronger, thicker, healthier hair in just five treatments with this smart, comprehensive method that has been designed specifically to enhance the quality of your hair leading to thicker, glossier, and more resilient locks whatever your age or lifestyle. 

Scalp health is improved as both the follicle and strand as a fusion of cosmeceutical grade scalp care, AQ growth factors and advanced light therapy, work symbiotically to give impressive results. Great hair delivered.

Frequently asked questions

Yes. However, a detailed medical history will be taken upon consultation. 

Depending on your individual concern, between 5-10 treatments are typically recommended 

No. However you might be advised to start home care before treatment. This will be discussed during your initial consultation

Most of our clients have been able to see results after 6-8 weeks. However, this depends on individual responses.


Whether you are looking for more information or you want to book as soon as possible, our treatment coordinators can:

  • Discuss your concerns
  • Give advice about different therapy options
  • Have a bespoke programme designed for you


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