M-Cell Therapy

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What is M-Cell Therapy?

Regenerative autologous cell therapy (M-Cell Therapy) encourages the repair and regeneration of cells by enhancing your body’s own self-healing capacities.

M-Cell Therapy can have a vastly positive outcome in remedying the signs of ageing as it regenerates ageing cells – making it a therapeutic treatment for new collagen renewal and skin revitalisation. M-Cell Therapy naturally generates the growth factors which deplete with age. This improves the elasticity of the skin ensuring you’re left with more youthful skin.

Our bespoke programs are designed to provide you with the most comprehensive treatment packages to target your areas of concerns ranging from skin rejuvenation and natural volume restoration to hair loss.

Where do the regenerative cells come from?

Close-up of biological cells

All cells needed to rejuvenate your skin, stimulate hair growth or heal scars are extracted from you own fat tissue. Our fat contains an abundance of regenerative cells including stem cells and growth factors.

Once extracted, cleaned and purified, SVF (Stromal Vascular Fraction) has the ability to decrease inflammation and to kick start the desired regenerative process. 

The fat can be taken from your abdomen or thighs by a mini liposuction on the same day of the treatment.

M-Cell Therapy Programs:

Why should you choose EF Future Health?

Available in the U.K.

The M-Cell therapy protocol is only available in UK at EF MEDISPA’s CQC registered Kensington clinic.

Quality Assured

We only work with quality controlled partners to ensure your safety.


Whether you are looking for more information or you want to book as soon as possible, our treatment coordinators can:

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  • Give advice about different therapy options
  • Have a bespoke programme designed for you


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